Who we are

Need a photographer, a make-up artist or someone to collaborate with on an idea you’ve got?  Well, you have just reached the right place.

Blushpixstudio is an amalgamation of talent, commitment and the right approach. We believe in creating things that are unique and not just reproducing something that is in existence. We are individuals with an expertise in what we do, brought together by a shared love of fashion, style and photography. We are a make-up-photography studio dedicated to giving our 110% percent in everything we take up.

The services we offer

Blushpixstudio is a full production studio run, managed and mentored by a couple Krishan and Pushpa who are passionate about their work, and doing what they do the best. Located at Malleshwaram, the cultural heart of the city, we are a production and styling studio. We offer a wide variety of multi-media, and make-up and styling services that includes photography, videography, post-production, photo montage presentations and camera rentals. Needless to say, we pride ourselves in using the best editing tools and HDV cameras available in the industry today.


All images are the exclusive copyright and property of Blushpixstudio and Nishal Lama. These images may not be reproduced, altered or published without permission. Copyright infringement is unlawful. The images from photo sessions may be used in marketing and print materials at the discretion of Blushpixstudio and its owners.